Meet the Team

We have a combined seventy years’ experience of recruiting, screening selecting and retaining the best of the best applicants. We have experience in a variety of different industries including:

State/Government Contracts

With over 10 years of experience with state and government contracts, Tailored Staffing has had great success in not only placing employees but matching the perfect fit for departmental needs.


Industrial jobs are continuously open and are the perfect fit for those ready to take on a challenge. Tailored Staffing has previously worked with companies like The Loading Dock and Acadia Windows & Doors and has experience fulfilling high-volume, quick-turnaround requests.


Through collective experience working with administrative and clerical positions, Tailored Staffing works to shape the future of an organization by connecting skilled staff to thriving companies. We have the ability to assess a wide variety of candidate skills through our innovative assessment software, helping us make the perfect match.


Tailored Staffing has provided skilled warehouse staff to many organizations including Whitehouse & Shapiro, and Orlando Products. Whether your company needs a forklift driver, shipping clerk, laborer, or a material handler, Tailored Staffing has you covered!

Customer Service

Tailored Staffing has provided highly skilled call center staff for Maryland Transit Administration, most recently with the implementation of the new transit system, BaltimoreLink.


With a Baltimore City location, Tailored Staffing has cultivated multiple relationships with hotels and tradeshows in the area.


Tailored Staffing has close relationships with many major retailers in the Baltimore area and the Eastern Shore.

...And more!

Tailored Staffing works with a variety of industries, not limited to those listed. Please call us to find your perfect fit.